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Jan Chetna Party launched by Vinod Sharma

Veteran Political leader of Haryana Vinod Sharma announced the formation of his own political party by the name of Janchetna party on 22nd June, 2014.during a press conference in Ambala. He attacked the malpractices prevailing in the interview process of government jobs and said that he will raise his voice against this malpractice.

In Haryana there is massive corruption prevailing in the interview system of government jobs. The practice of interview in government jobs is full of loopholes and is keeping the deserving candidates out.

Vinod Sharma is one political leader in Haryana who has constantly attacked the interview system in government jobs. There have been widespread allegations of favoritism and nepotism being practiced during the interviews of SSC recruitment process. The interview process has been included in the recruitment process by Staff selection commission (SSC) of Haryana, and since then the process has come under attack for adopting dubious practices in the method of selection.

Janchetna partyís commitment can be gauged from the fact that on July 2nd, Venod Sharma along with the supporters of Janchetna party got arrested when they were protesting at the office of Haryana staff selection commission in Panchkula.

Jan Chetna Party is the only political party which has stood against the prevalent system of interview in government jobs. Venod Sharma is the only hope of youth as no one else from the political class is protesting today in against the anomalies prevalent in the interview system of government jobs in Haryana.

Today Haryana is facing huge problems in terms of development as the process of development has come to a standstill. Janchetna party is committed to make Haryana the top most state of the country. The state has the entire wherewithal to reach among the league of top rated states of the country. The only thing is needed is the proper utilization of the resources available in the states.

Vinod Sharma can become the catalyst which can initiate the process of growth in the state. Jan Chetna Party is committed to act as a medium provide the necessary fillip to the development work in Haryana.