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Haryana News About Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma resigned from Congress party in March 2014. He left the party after the leadership started ignoring the views of the party worker. Before leaving, he tried various options so that party leadership starts looking into the issues of the common man of Haryana. He was able to feel the discontent and anger among Haryana residents. He wanted the party and state govt. to rectify its mistakes and revert to the path of public welfare and honesty. Even after multiple attempts, the party leadership did not listen to his concerns and finally he left Congress.

After leaving Congress, Venod Sharma started touring different constituencies in Haryana. He started meeting and interacting with common citizens of the state. The purpose of these meetings was to understand the pain and problems of the people. He found that people had lost all hope from politicians. People felt that politicians just used their position and power for personal benefits. Venod urged people to stay united and raise their concerns in a collective manner. He knew that a united group of citizens will be able to put pressure on the government.

Subsequently, Venod started opening Lok Seva Panchayat offices across Haryana. The idea behind these inaugurations was to develop a bonding with common citizens of Haryana. These inaugurations got a good response from public at large. The straight talk of Venod was appreciated by the public. They were able to relate to his ideas and thoughts. People found Venod as an honest alternate to the current crop of Haryana Politicians.

Past involvement in NGO activities like Health camps, Blood donation drives, Eye check-ups added to the repertoire of Venod Sharma. His work in education and women empowerment across Haryana, his support for improving sports infrastructure makes him a distinct politician. Venod has not only been raising political issues but also work on the social front, which puts him in a different all together.

One major problem in the school education system of Haryana is high drop-out rate among girls in the elementary stage.The percentage of girls going for education at the secondary and college stage is also very low.