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Haryana Leader - Venod Sharma stands out among the non jat leaders of Haryana

Jat population in Haryana is more than 20% as per one estimate. In the state of Haryana, Jats have predominance in the every field, be it teaching, sports, governmental jobs, farming etc.

Throughout the previous 15 years, the post of chief minister in Haryana has been held by Jat Leader. Since the state’s formation in 1966, Jats had possessed the CM post and additionally other important political positions.

This had prompted discontent and indignation amongst the non Jat populace of Haryana. Jats are given preference in govt. employments. The majority of the development work and other welfare work are carried out in Jat dominated regions, and other areas are neglected. All the previous governments have neglected the North Haryana Leader and G. T. Road belt Haryana Non Jat leaders’ voices have never been heard in the political circles and administration is not allowed to hear the plea of the non jat leaders by the dominant Jat political class.

There is no gap among the Jats and non Jat individuals on the ground, but the political parties are creating a gap to safeguard their vote bank.

Venod Sharma, a noticeable Non Jat leader of Haryana, who has acceptability both among jat and non jat population of Hrayan. He has been exceptionally vocal against the gimmicks of political party of dividing vote bank on Jat, non jat lines.

Venod believes in the development of all segments of the society, whether Jat or non Jat. He is one Hrayana Leader who wants development for each area of the state. Venod Sharma has been seeking support for the development North Haryana and the largely ignored regions of G. T. Road belt.