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Haryana Development By Venod Sharma Politician

Haryana is a state with lot of potential. It is among the top ranking state in agriculture and has earned a name for itself in the auto component industry. Haryana has also attracted significant investment in the automobile industries and there is a presence of significant amount of automobile industry in the state.

Unfortunately Haryana development is only restricted to few districts and is not spread across the state. There are some districts in the state which is far behind from the progressive districts of Haryana.

It is unfortunate that the petty politics of the state is stopping the process of industrialization \and this is not only putting brakes on the development and growth of the state but also affecting the employment scenario of the state. The need of the hour is not only to provide fresh investment in the state but also provide proper industrial climate to the existing Industry.

Venod Sharma is one leader who has always advocated the development of Haryana. He is one leader who does not believe in mixing the politics and development and wants politics to stay out of the process of Haryana Development.

He is a visionary who believes in thinking out of the box. On many occasions he has exhorted the government of Haryana to prepare a blue print for the holistic Haryana Development.

No doubt that he is considered as a leader who can bring about growth and prosperity in the state. Today people support his vision and understand the fact that Venod Sharma got the Industrial model township approved for Ambala but it got scrapped due to petty politics by the government. But people are still confident that if Venod Sharma comes to power he is capable of changing the face of Haryana.