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Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma has served the people of Haryana for more than four decades. He has an impeccable track record of public welfare and transparency in public life. He is someone who understands the state of Haryana really well and his name is synonymous with the development of Haryana.

In these glorious four decades, Venod Sharma has held various positions in the Central Government as well as in the Government of Haryana. He started his political career in the year 1978 as the general secretary of Indian youth congress between 1978 to 1983, Mr. Sharma held various positions in Congress including the General Secretary of Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee, President of Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee and a special invitee to the Congress working committee.

In the year 1980, Venod Sharma won his first election as MLA from Banur constituency of Punjab. In the year 1988 he was appointed the President of Chandigarh Union Territory Congress Committee, a position which he held for 10 years. From 2005-2014, he represented Ambala City constituency as its MLA. In the year 1995 Mr. Sharma was inducted as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution in the government of P.V. Narasimha Rao. The credit for the implementation of 10% reservation for the weaker sections of upper castes under the category of SBC (Special Backward Class) goes to Venod Sharma. He is one leader who sympathises with the problems of youth and is always at the forefront to address these problems.

Venod Sharma for the first time entered the electoral fray in the year 1980 when he contested the Banur Legislative Seat in Punjab. In the year 1980. He won this seat with a comprehensive margin and since then has never faced any electoral defeat.

Venod Sharma made tremendous efforts to get the Industrial Model Township (IMT) for Ambala approved. But unfortunately, the government of Haryana scrapped the project, once Venod Sharma left the government. Venod Sharma is a visionary and wants to see Haryana as a strong and prosperous state standing among the front ranking states of the country. Venodji dreams of Haryana, where the youth does not have to migrate to other states in search of jobs. Haryana should become a land of opportunity, where people from all over the country should be coming looking for avenues for their growth. Haryana today is known for its agriculture but Venod Sharma dreams of a Haryana where Industrialization flourishes equally, along with agriculture.

Venod Sharma wants to put Haryana on top of the Industrial map of the country. Haryana needs agro Industries so that the farmer of the state gets the best price of his produce. Today Haryana needs food parks. Only these food parks will ensure that the processed food of Haryana gets exported to the world over and earns valuable foreign exchange for the country. Haryana needs milk processing industries so that milk and allied products reaches every corner of the country.

Areas like Panipat and Hisar have made huge strides in textile Industry. The need of the hour is to provide maximum support to these textile Industries so that it can compete with the global companies. Haryana needs centers for skill development, so that the youth of the state becomes employable. This will not only reduce the unemployment in the state drastically but will also boost the Investment in the state as investors will get attracted by the availability of quality manpower. Today there is an urgent need to make Haryana self sufficient in energy and that will only happen when Haryana will try to harness the renewable energy. When the contribution of renewable energy will increase, only then Haryana will become self reliant in power. Venod Sharma was an union former minister of haryana, that time who worked well for haryan people.